Why you should eat slowly.

eat slowly
eat slowly

Eating slowly has plenty of benefits like proper hydration, better digestion, weight maintain or loss etc… in contrast, eating quickly triggers poor digestion, weight gain and less satisfaction.

of course, we can easily remember one rule: Eat slowly for our well-being.

Why eating slowly is important?

We live in too busy world. We rush every day to gain more wealth or to achieve something important. In this rush, we barely get time to enjoy our meal and appreciate it.

Many people do not realize that eating quickly leads to gain weight. It happens because when you eat in hurry, you stuff extra food into your stomach. And finishing 1st dish early may make you feel to eat another dish. So unknowingly, you take extra food than required.

One you cross your age 35, it gets very difficult to maintain or reduce weight. So, having habit of maintaining weight in early age will give us better edge to fight future weight gain problems.

But what to do when you are already crossed your 35?

Eating slowly will help you here. No matter at how much old you are.

Now let’s discuss some amazing benefits of eating slowly.

1. Better digestion.

Eating slowly improves your digestion.

To understand this, you should know our stomach digest food. It is very simple.
If you are eating times are fixed then as soon as your regular meal time comes, you start feeling hungry. If you got the food you love the most, you start salivating. Saliva is the thing that contain enzymes that helps to digest food.

Meanwhile, our stomach starts to secrete some acids that break down food. That acid is known as gastric acid. This acid is to digest the food along with saliva.

Above all process requires time to happen. if you rush this process, you will eventually eat the food before your stomach is ready to digest. And having food stuffed quickly also hampers the overall process.

as has been noted, eating slowly and chewing it properly help us manage digestion system properly.

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2. Satisfaction of eating.

Eating quickly never brings us satisfaction. It will temporarily make us feel full but after some time it kicks the desire to eat some more food. in fact, it is hard to enjoy the food if it goes by quickly.

It is stated that, you should take at-least 20 minuets to finish a meal. This makes sure you eat sufficient food in good amount of time.

If you eat quickly, your stomach doesn’t give signal of satisfaction to you brain and ultimately it will make you hungry more often.

There is slight difference between feeling full and feeling satisfied.

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3. Less food consumption.

If you are trying to lose some ponds then this might be the right benefits of eating food slowly.

As discussed above, eating quickly can trigger hungriness more often. Consequently, you feed some extra stuff in stomach then required. In experiment conducted by University of Rhode Island, it is observed that people tend to eat less if given a sufficient time. It also reduce the chances of feeling hungry after having meal. 

So all things considered, we can say that eating slowly makes consume less but also feel more satisfied.

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4. Maintained water level.

Having good water level maintained into our body exhibits following benefits.

• Increases physical performances.
• Improve brain function and physical strength.
• Water may treat headache.
• It Help Relieve Constipation.
• It also Help Treat Kidney Stones.

Above all are benefits can be leveraged by eating slowly, because eating slowly also leads to consume sufficient water.
When you eat slowly (consider you are eating dry or spicy food), your throat gets dry more often.

Of-course saliva helps to moisturize but you might feel dry inside. At this time you take some water and that maintains the water level while eating. Having proper balance between food and water is very essential.

In the final analysis, we can say that, eating quickly is bad for our health and well-being. I hope you liked this article.
Let me know your thoughts below.

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