Why Shivaji Maharaj was so successful? Here is the answer.


I am glad to share first post about Shivaji Maharaj under success category. Shivaji Maharaj  a great Maratha ruler who is known for building Maratha empire and his administration.

He was one of the bravest, progressive and sensible the rulers of India. You must be wondering why an international blogs are making content over Shivaji Maharaj. Right?

It is because there are many extraordinary qualities shown by him that lead to build a great empire in very short period of time.

Who was Shivaji Maharaj.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (full name- Shivaji Sambhaji Bhosale) born on 19 Feb 1630 in the hill Fort Shivneri, near city of junnar, India. Shivaji’s father Shahaji Bhosale was Maratha general who served the Deccan Sultanat.

Shivaji Maharaj is known for his strong warrior code of ethics and great character. He was admired for his heroic action performed and battle won during Indian Independence movement (Swarajya Sthapana).

I have given few links below to understand more about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Please refer those to know full story of him.

Shivaji Maharaj- Wiki.

Shivaji Maharaj- Cultural India.

I felt completely difficult to manage whole content about him in single post. Because his life was so extraordinarily lived that each event of his life deserves complete attention.

I would suggest to read following books to understand more and get inspiration from his life journey.

Shriman Yogi

Shivaji and his times

There are too many qualities shown by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj which made him successful. Leadership, management, focused on vision, respect for women etc. These were key characteristics of this brave Warrior.

I have the stated few of his qualities below to describe in detail which we should  try to learn and adopt in our-self.

1. Good Administrator.

You all know that building an Empire is not a simple thing. You have to go through many struggles while building an empire.

In such situation, a good administration still plays the vital role. Because of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s good administrative skills, all of his people lived good life.

Many evidence in history shows his administrator skills. Read “Salient Features of Maratha Administration” to know more about it.

2. Respect For Women.

This was one of well-known characteristics of Shivaji Maharaj. There was more struggle for women to live in the century before Shivaji Maharaj.

He gave the strict warning to all people about code and ethics that lead to develop respect for women. Shivaji Maharaj was supporter of women and their honer.

Read story of Hirkani to understand his skills in recognizing the efforts taken by women.

3. Analyzing Situation.

This quality of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj helped him lot during his entire journey. Every time he used to think of people of his Realm.

This king never let people face any problem in any situation. He didn’t get any of his decision ruin people’s life.

Shivaji Maharaj took a step back whenever needed. Read incidents about Treaty of Purandar (1665) to know his situation analyzing skills.

4. Visionary.

He was so visionary that he took pledge at age of 15 years to build an independent continent. He always used to think ahead of time. Also he is first one to think of naval warfare.

5. Leadership.

He was a secular leader. In his army, people from different caste, religion were included.

He was able to motivate people to fight against all threats. Additionally, Shivaji Maharaj expanded his father’s 2000 soldier army to 10000 soldiers.

He has demonstrated his leadership quality in all phases of his life.

6. Good Planner.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was very perfect in Planning. He tackled giant forces of enemy with very less number of Soldier.

There is famous example of planning “Escaping from Agra” and “Ganimi-Kava (Guerilla warfare)” click on these link to read more about his planning skills.

7. Never Give Up.

Many Warrior losses at some point. And he was not an exceptional case.

His dream was to build complete independent empire. He had lost one Battle “Battle of Purandar” in which he lost all of his gained territory (around 21 forts).

But it was his desire of never to give up which made him regain all of his territory and even more than what he had lost earlier.

By the time he had become king, he was having more than 300 Forts and expanded Army.

So these are the top qualities of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj which made him successful.

You must learn his core values from his life journey and acknowledge his note-worthy and remarkable personality.

Write in comment box and let me know which quality you think that are necessary to build your life successful.

Thank you.

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