Why do people give up on their dreams?

Why do people give up?
Why do people give up?

Success comes to those who don’t give up on their dreams. But it is true that most of the people give up on their dreams very early.

This happens because sometimes people don’t believe in themselves and sometimes situation makes people quit their dreams.

If you look around yourself, you may find may people who are having potential to live more prosperous life than what they are currently living.

Certainly, they might be the person who gave up on their goals or not believing themselves or they just don’t work at their full potential.

Of course, There is lot more to discuss about the same topic. If you want to know why do people give up and how giving up could affect their life, then this article is for you.

Why do people give up?


1. They fear of getting judged.

This is the most common mistake people do and surrender.

They don’t realize people who passes judgement are the same who will praise them once they become successful.

Although, if you are also afraid of people passing judgement then think about how wealthy, satisfied and prosperous life you will be having once you become successful. This thought will help you to care less about what people think.

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2. They become dependent on decisions.

This means people tends to more relay on other’s decision. They think others can drive their life better. They feel lack of decision taking ability.

And eventually they end up blaming others.

Remember that you must take decisions for yourself. Because you see the dreams of you being successful. Other are just there to help.

3. They do not try again.

People do not realize that not trying again is what makes them stop from achieving their goals.

Remember case of Thomas Edison? He failed 1000 times but never stopped. As a result, he could discover correct bulb filament.

It is important to note that if you stopped trying, you failed.

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4. They get disappointed with failure.

People usually get very disappoint with failure. Successful people like Steve jobs, Jack Ma and Colonel Sanders (founder of KFC) had one things is common.

They never got disappoint on failure. They worked hard and rest is the history.

Embracing the failures and taking lessons from them is very important in the journey of success.

5. They lack discipline.

Have you ever wonder why defenses services have higher success rate in anything they do? Because they are bound by discipline.

Discipline is highly important in our every phase of life.

In fact, it is impossible to achieve great success without discipline.

6. They always think of destination not journey.

Everyone is having different definition of success.

Success is result of your hard work. It is the destination in the journey. But if people always think of getting results then they will definitely miss joy of journey.

Additionally, there is very beautiful chorus in a Hindi song “Safar khoobsurat he manzil se bhi…” It does mean, Journey is more beautiful than destination.

Try enjoying the process. so that there will be less chances of giving up.

7. They don’t believe in themselves.

As has been noted, people must believe in their dreams. Believe should be independent from what others think.

Getting successful without self-believe is nearly impossible.

Once people starts believing in their dreams, they get motivation and it helps sustain in long run.

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8. They get surrounded with unmotivated people.

Motivation is spark-plug for any dreams. It keeps the wheel running.

It is basic human tendency to capture habits of people around us. If a person is surrounded with unmotivated people then for sure he/she become less motivated.

Thus, being around with less motivated people always affect one’s goals.

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9. They don’t have proper plan.

Most people work hard but don’t make proper plan. Obviously, a direction-less ships sails nowhere.

In short, having proper plan to execute the goals is better for long run.

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10. They Limit their ability.

I have got collection of motivational speeches and I know one thing common between them. At some point every

speech mentioned that limiting our ability is main reason to become failure.

But people do not realize that they are filled with tremendous ability.

as a result, Only lack of will power makes them weak and ultimately, they admit defeat.

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11. They lose interest.

There are plenty of people out there who give up just because of losing interest in their goals.

This may affect your future goals. And it may become your habit to lose interest and quit the dreams.

12. They lose hope.

Hope plays the vital role in people’s life. Even if they lose all their work and motivation. One should not lose hope at all.

Motivation can be regained easily but there are lots of efforts requires if hopes goes away.

13. They get distracted by what someone else is doing.

On path to the success, everyone should focus their own goals.

This is part of comparison to others, People compare their day 10 to someone’s day 100.

Finally, they feel that they are not making much progresses and give-up.

14. They don’t take actions.

At every stage of their life, having proper plan aligned with actions makes powerful impacts in one’s life.

Lack of actions kills people’s dream.

We remember people by their actions and words, not what they used to think.

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15. They are not willing to do hard work.

It is common verb that “Hard work is key to success

If your competitor is doing 10 hours/day then you must do 12 hours/day.

And not willing to do hard work will eventually make people quit their dreams.

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All things considered, these are the 15 main reasons why people give up.

I hope you liked this article and make sure you share this with people who need this.
Take care.

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