The Power Of Positive Thinking (a short article).

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The Power of Positive Thinking

If you are looking for a book which describe power of positive thinking in most simple way then the best seller book “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Norman Vincent Peale is for you. This article is gaining more popularity because many books, lectures, courses and talks provide evidence for the same. As mention in a book itself Positive Thinking brings happiness, health, wealth, success, prosperity, love and believe that anyone can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.

This book shows you that root of success lies in the mind. It teaches you to stop worrying, taking control of your life and changing the attitude.
Following are three lessons from this best seller book described in simplest way.

1. Believe In Yourself.

Believing in yourself is key factor of success. Because if you feel confident and inferior you will act the same. We know that only confidence doesn’t solve any trouble but it will make us feel strong in front of our imaginary problems. When you believe in yourself you starts to feel positive and become optimistic. You starts to plan your goal of success, path by which you will achieve whatever you want. Following are the advantages of believing in yourself.

  • It leads to focused and successful life.
  • It keeps you positive.
  • It helps you to be strong.
  • It helps you to face problem in life.

The more we believe in yourself, the more confident we become and that’s where you take first step towards success.

2. Improve Your Attitude.

Following quote really makes sense to me “you can solve any problem by just changing your attitude”. Having a positive attitude is listed as a major reason for individual success. Attitude towards problem must be positive in order to lead a successful life. Problems of your life might take few years to solve but how you react to those problem is entirely up to you. You can’t eliminate any problem at the push of a button but your approach/ attitude towards them can be changed by taking a small efforts.

Consider following example- if you go to work tomorrow morning and you almost did the task wrong and end up receiving bad feedback. You can treat this as bad day and spend whole day thinking about that incidence and feeling sad. In another way you can take that as experience and focus on finding cause of that incidence. You can learn some lessons and feel grateful that you come to know some new things about work. So the way you keeps your attitude really matters in a day to day life also to achieve your long term goal. (To know more about improving attitude, click here)

3. Live Worry-less Life.

Before full description, here is a quick tip. Just close your eyes and imagine yourself as worry-free person in future. Imagine in your mind that you don’t have any kind of tension. Look how beautiful it feel just by Imagining, a lots of your current worry will fly away. Worries are major source of sickness, stress, disease that may occur in human body so try to avoid worrying unnecessarily. Study show that 90% of the things we worried about don’t actually happen so stop wasting your energy on worrying and start living worry-less life. A nice life brings you happiness success and prosperity. Keep your thinking positive and you will receive number of benefits from it.

  • It increases your lifespan.
  • It lowest rate of depression.
  • It will distress you.
  • It will make you a better psychological and physical well being.

Just be a positive thinker and 50% of your trouble will go away. So these are major lessons I got from this book. I recommend to read this book if you haven’t yet.

Thank you guys for reading this article.

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