How to overcome anxiety in simple steps.

overcome anxiety
overcome anxiety

Anxiety is nothing but worrying about the things unnecessarily. It is just our brain’s response to perceived danger. 

Even if that danger is not real.

But due to everyday rush between work, relations, family, time and bills, you may become anxious.

what if we don’t overcome anxiety?

As a matter of fact, you may feel frightened, sweating and nervous if anxiety gets serious. This is generally known as anxiety attacks or generalized anxiety disorders (GAD).

Anxiety has affected many people especially in their adulthood. And to be honest, it is not something to be worry about. Because it is most common mental illness observed in these days.

You just have to be educated about it and need to learn few easy steps to overcome this problem.

Signs of anxiety attack.

Following are some of the common symptoms of anxiety:

  • Feeling of panic.
  • Feeling of danger.
  • Overthinking
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Sweating.
  • Difficulty focusing.
  • Fearful.

And there are plenty of way to get rid of anxiety. For that, you have to follow some techniques given below.

1. Don’t imagine negative scenarios.

worrying is nothing but feeling of losing control over a particular situation which may happen in future. Generally, we start being anxious when we worry too much about an event that hasn’t even happened.

In addition, If you observed carefully, you will find that most of the anxious thoughts comes from imaging negative scenarios into your head-spaces. It has nothing to do with the reality.

To avoid this, you just should learn to live in the present.

To put it differently, keeping your mind focused on present situation keeps you away from unnecessary thoughts. This will help you to enjoy present moment and brigs your peace of mind.

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2. Don’t be hard on yourself.

This is most people do when they try to achieve something important. In their attempt, they forget to enjoy the life. Furthermore, they become frustrated and get away for healthy and well-being lifestyle.

In this situation, emotions takes control of their life. Certainly, you tend to take false decisions and actions.

This happens because when you are on your lower emotional intelligence level, you can’t think clearly.

Best time to take decisions is when your mind is in most relaxed state.

Always remember that you can control everything and there is no point on being hard on ourselves frequently. Instead, you can be motivated and inspired whenever needed.

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3. Talk about it.

This is the technique people less prefer to get rid of anxiety. But there are lots of benefits of talking to trustful friend about it.

First of all, we keep our anxious thoughts to ourselves and that’s why they turned into worry. But If you speak it to someone else, they might to stop your unnecessary thoughts coming your mind.

In other way, themselves can put same scenario and may makes you comfortable.

Moreover, When you speak something to someone, somehow you make that person comfortable. And if that person feels that you are thinking something wrong, he/she will surely get you out of these anxious thoughts.

Because helping other is most observed human behavior.

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4. Calm down and meditate.

In practice of coping anxiety, meditation is one of best technique to achieve calmness into our thoughts. Regularly doing meditation for at least 30 min will result into positive outcomes.

You might be unaware that mediation is having tremendous energy to fight mental problems like managing stress, panic attacks, GAD etc.

I have written two articles on meditation for mindfulness.

These articles will help you to know about mediation and you can easily cope anxiety problems.

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To summarize, Anxious thoughts are difficult to manage but not impossible. You just must modify your behaviors, lifestyle, thinking etc.

There is no need to get addict of pills to get rid of anxiety. By using above mentioned technique, you can easily overcome anxiety.

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I hope you liked this article and let me know if you have any another method to manage anxious thoughts in comment section below.

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