Motivational stories of 3 successful startups

Motivational stories of 3 successful startups
Motivational stories of 3 successful startups

This is my 3rd post in “Success stories” category and I’m glad to share 3 motivational stories with some infographic with you. I hope you will like this.

We are using tons of app on daily basis. We use it to order food, book a cab, edit and share photo etc. Think of a day without having any apps on your mobile. It feels just boring. Right? They made huge difference in our life by providing us correct service and entertainment. But have you ever thought about who thought of these ideas and had the courage to make it into a reality?

This article features success story of 3 giant companies (Uber, Instagram and These are the product of well organised and implemented ideas while some came up as an accident.

Motivational stories of 3 famous companies.


When its founder “Travis Kalanick” couldn’t find a cab in Paris to get to a conference. He got an idea of getting a cab on demand with just one click.
He started working on app but It was getting difficult to raise fund because his first two start-ups was failed. Though he never gave up and worked harder on making a successful app.
After prototyping and testing in January-2010 only on 3 Uber cabs, he started getting some good results.
He launched Uber app officially on March-2010 in San Francisco and become a huge hit.
Now it is the most valuable privately held tech company in the world. It is currently valued at 69 billion.


Success story of uber
Success story of uber

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2. Instagram

This app was founded by “Kevin Systrom” who was born in a very common family.
He used to learn coding by himself at night when he was in school.
He was so genius that even Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) tried to hire him when he was still an undergraduate.
After finishing his degree, he got a job at Google. He worked there as an Associate Product Marketing Manager. But finally, he left that gob and started working on his own start-up.
He developed first location-based photo sharing app on iPhone. It went so successful that within 24 hours of its launch, its server went down because of excessive traffic. And within 9 months, Instagram had gained 7 million users, worldwide.

Success story of Instagram
Success story of Instagram

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3. is wholesale online marketplace founded by “Jack Ma” and He was born in middle-class family in China. His early life was having lots of trouble.
He failed his university entrance exam twice and He was also rejected from tonnes of jobs including KFC.
Ever after major rejection, Jack ma didn’t lose his enthusiasm and kept working on new ideas.
He was obsessed with internet. He was not having any knowledge of coding but he gathered people to work on his idea related to online business.
His first 2 start-up venture failed but he didn’t stop there. And after few years later he started
He was perfect in resource management and that helped him to run this venture very successfully. He gathered all his connections and convinced them to invest.
Now Alibaba is most successful venture and he is one of the richest person in the China.

Success story of
Success story of

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Looking at these companies, It is obvious to think “I could never do something like this”. These companies took plenty of time and hard work to get where they are today. But they had an idea and they believed in it and most importantly. They started.

After reading above 3 stories, I have learned a common lesson, hold onto your dreams, one day You will get success for sure.
I hope you liked this article, feel free to share these infographics with anyone who need this.
All the best.

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