How to manage stress and overthinking.


Stress is nothing but feeling of being under mental and emotional pressure. People feel more stressed when their workload gets increased, when they are trapped into an avoidable argument or when they face any financial issues. Such form of emotional and mental pressure can come from different aspects of your life and that pressure turns into frustration when you feel unable to cope that situation for longer time.

Studies have found that stress can also impact your physical and mental health. It is worth taking the time to understand techniques to relieve stresses. Because if it goes beyond limits then you may face some serious consequences.

What are the sign of stresses?

Everyone experiences stress. It may affect health and well-being, If we don’t tackle them at early stage. There are few signs and symptoms you may find in stressed person.

  • Feelings of dizziness.
  • Sleeping problems.
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Feelings of worrying or anxiety.
  • Mood fluctuation.
  • Depression.

These are signs which you may experience when you are stressed. If you are experiencing these for prolonged period and making you feel unwell then you should look out for methods to manage the stresses.

What to do when you are feeling stressed?

If you are feeling less patient, more emotional, frustrated and eventually unable to manage stress, then you should be looking methods to manage your stress. I have listed two basic steps to overcome this issue.

1.Find the root cause.

This is the first thing you should be doing to relieve the stresses. Find out what exactly making you feel worried or stressed. Is it your office problem? Is it your family thing or any financial issues? you need to identify the root cause before you move ahead. If you have identified few causes, well then read second step to categorize it.

2. Sort it out.

This is one of the best technique to manage identified root causes and to reduce the flood of thoughts (overthinking). I recommend this method to the person who gets difficulty in managing their thoughts.

Many people do not realize that jumping from one thought to another into our head-space causes overthinking problem and eventually it leads to frustration or losing concentration. Best way to tackle this issue is sorting it out on paper. Only you have to take a paper and pen, then you need to write identified causes of stress into the following category.

  • Those with a solution you are trying to work on.
  • Those which are not in your control.

Write down each of your causes under these categories. Once you’re done writing down, you must write a solution which you have planned or working on to overcome that issue. In brief, you can provide if-else condition to the solution which are under your control and start working on it. Writing it down on paper definitely reduce your overflowing thoughts. Because you will be having clear understanding of what are the things that should be taken care of and how.

For the things which are not in your control, you can leave them aside and try not to feel worried. To be honest I have also faced situation where things Were not under my control. But later on I found the solution, I learned the techniques to manage the stresses. It didn’t happen overnight. But other remedies helped me out to sustain that stage. We will talk about these remedies soon.

I believe life doesn’t stay at particular stage for all the time. If given a time, thing will start turning better. I hope you will also find the perfect solution for such situation.

What are these remedies which helped me out?

1. Exercise.

Exercise can be effective tool to eliminate the stress. Even if you exercise three times a week, it will give enough freshness and activeness. Studies have shown that exercise also releases endorphins (a chemical that produce positive feelings) into the brain. Following are some exercises that can reduce your stress effectively.

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2. Improve sleeping schedule.

Sleep is very important factor in reducing stresses. Your mood, decision-making capacity and memory get affected if you don’t take proper sleep. Take sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night. Read or listen something which calm down your thoughts before sleeping. It will improve your sleep quality.

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3. Think positive.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Negative thoughts and excessive emotional things can affect your productivity in daily life. And lack of productivity for longer time may disturb your work schedule. Researchers have suggested that positive thinking can help reduce stresses, anxiety and poor concentration. You can read following related article to bring positiveness into your life.

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4. Don’t take things too seriously.

Recognize that you can’t control everything. There would be some element that will cause stress ahead in your life. Best way to tackle this is learning to cope Such things with maintaining peace of our mind. Take time to relax, share your responsibility, understand that you are not bound to take all the responsibility. It is always OK to priorities self-care. And sometimes taking break from everyday-rush is good for your mental health.

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So, these are the important things which I wanted to share with you. I hope this article help you to understand more about managing stress. If you have other stresses relieving method then please share in comment section below.

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