How to improve memory power.

Memory power
Memory power

In day-to-day life, memory power plays a Vital role. Our brain has tremendous power to perform complicated task with ease. Scientist says that brain has astonishing ability to adapt and change irrespective of your age. Good things about brain is- it can form neural pathways at every stage of your life very easily. In simple words, consider your brain has many individual sections like for timing, color, language, locality, memory, creativity, feelings etc. And there are connection lines between each sections. Brain performs very well when these connections are strong. But when these connection become poor, you feel odd symptoms like memory loss, difficulty in understanding, lack of performers etc.

Above whole point is very easy to understand. right? So these connections are nothing but neural Pathways. And as I told you, your brain has capacity to develop it at every stage of life. only you have to take small efforts for that.

If you go to gym then you must have some purpose. But basic purpose would be to remain fit. Correct? So you exercise daily to keep your physical body fit but did you know that you are a brain also need few kind of exercise to remain well-functioning? Our brain also need few workouts. And those workouts are very simple. There are several habit that not only keep your brain fit but also enhance its power. Following are few key habit which will help you to regain your brain power and improve memory.

1. Keep learning new things.

If you are doing intellectually demanding task on the regular basis like coding, writing algorithms and you are good at it, then it is not a good brain exercise. For you, the activity which is completely unfamiliar with your brain are considered as good brain exercise. It could be as simple as brushing your teeth with left hand (if you use right hand daily). Search activity that challenges you to perform same task in very different way. Click here to know more brain exercise.

2. Do physical exercise.

Physical exercise helps your brain to stay sharp. Like gas is important to run your vehicle, good blood circulation and oxygen are important to work your brain effectively. And physical exercise improve your blood circulation and reduce stress hormones. In general anything that is good for your heart is good for your brain. Click here to know more about physical exercise to keep brain fit.

3. Sleep well.

Research shows that sleep is necessary for your brain’s health. Over 95% of adults need around 8 hours of sleep every night in order to function brain effectively. Memory, problem solving abilities, critical thinking and creativity are all compromised if you don’t take enough sleep. Many studies confirm that a root of many brain problem is lack of sleep. So do take sufficient sleep every night. Watch this video “How much sleep do you really need” to understand more about it.

4. Kill the stress.

Stress in one of the brain’s worst enemy. Stress can damage your neural connections. It affects the region of the brain involved in performing new memories and retrieval of old ones. So managing stress would result into keeping your brain safe. Don’t be so expecting, take breaks while working, express your feelings, do yoga and meditation. There are plenty of method to reduce stresses.

5. Maintain diet.

Your body as well as brain needs supply of nutritious to function well. And having healthy meal everyday help you to stay focused and active. Drink sufficient water and limit alcohol consumption for better results. Also try to limit white sugar intake, as it has ability to weaken your heart and brings down functioning of the brain as well. Click here to know top brain food.

So these are 5 habits that will help you to increase your memory. Please adopt these habits and take good care of yourself. Please let me know your comments in below sections.

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