How genuine people really behave?

Genuine people
Genuine people

You daily interact with many people. And it is estimated that an average human being interact with about 20000 to 30000 people in a lifetime. Whether you are making new friends or building a business network, you always look for people who are genuine.

Who are genuine people?

Genuine means real and honest. It could be any person who will always mean what they says. If you observe, you will find that they are same on inside as their behavior is on outside. It is easy to find genuine person but sometimes it gets very difficult to figure out. Because other people are very good at just seeming genuine.

As nobody wants to be used or waste time, It is very important to spot the difference. So here are six qualities which you can find in a genuine person.

Behavior of genuine people.

1. They are trustworthy.

This is most important quality of genuine people. They never break your trust. They always remain loyal in any relationship. To know if a person is trustworthy or not, place some of your trust into the person. If they constantly break that trust, then they are not genuine.
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2. Their actions and words are correlated.

Genuine people always act according to their words. You will never find any mismatch in their actions and words. It is very difficult to pretend fake by actions but very easy by words. If you find any discrepancy in their actions, then start maintaining safe distance form them.
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3. They don’t seek attention.

Genuine people are filled with constructive thoughts. They are ego-less. They never do any action just to seek someone’s attention. Usually person who try to seek attention, behaves like narcissist. And if any person exhibit narcissist behavior then it is sure that they are not genuine.
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4. They slowly build up relation.

Genuine people shows interest in getting to know you before they make an a relationship with you. They never do any hype things to build the connection. Sometime genuine people will ask you questions about yourself. They figure out things you like and dislike. And always respect your choices. They always take time to build strong relation but once they make it, make it worth maintaining.
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5. They feel happy for others.

This is true trait of the genuine people. They always find happiness in people’s accomplishment. They never get jealous for your achievement. Look for the people who comes to you when you are celebrating success. They will spend enough time to appreciate your hard work done for being successful.

6. They never lie.

Lying is very bad habit, and you will never find it in genuine people. Usually lairs mix-up the story each time they tell it. You will notice discrepancy in their story when the repeat it. Genuine people behave exactly opposite of it. They will always tell you the truth. They never try to protect themselves with lies and never puts you under wrong impression.
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My opinion.

It requires little practice to be able to read people. Sometime people act exactly opposite of what we have imagine. So always be ready to sacrifice some of your time. It is worth giving people a chance but don’t be too forgiving, else you will get used.

Always communicate to clear your misunderstanding. Don’t assume something wrong by a particular event or an experience. There are plenty of genuine people around you. Trust your instincts and guts. Develop good relationship with them and enjoy life.

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