20 Benefits of meditation

Benefits of meditation
Benefits of meditation

There are more than 1000 studies that has proved that meditation can positively impact physical and mental health.

I hope you have gone through my previous article “How to do meditation for mindfulness” In that article I have provided simple way of doing meditation.

Further in this article, I will be covering benefits of meditation.


15 mental benefits of meditation.


1. Decreases anxiety.
It is observed that mindfulness meditation has reduced anxiety disorder, paranoid thoughts and panic attacks.

2. Improves emotional stability.
Doing meditation makes us more thoughtful and thoughtfulness increases emotional stability.

3. Increases creativity.
If you are meditating, try playing instrumental music or calm music in background. It is proven that listening to music increases creativity

4. Increase happiness.
It is obvious that reduced stresses and paranoid thoughts makes us more stable. we tend to live in present only. And living in present brings is more happiness.

5. Increases peace of mind.
Peace of mind is related to calmness we bring into our lives. And meditation is best way to seek calmness.

6. Expands power of subconscious mind.
Subconscious mind is driving factor of all the moments we experience in our lives. That is to say, Powerful subconscious mind brings us things we wanted in our life. And meditation is one of the method to expand power of subconscious mind.

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7. Improves thinking ability.
Thinking plays vital role in our daily life. Our behavior, actions and decisions are products of our thoughts. Therefore,  having improved thinking ability results into happy and prosperous life.

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8. Reduces stresses.
Stress reduction is common reason people try meditation. For instance, One experiment demonstrated that effect of decreased stressed was strongest in individual with the highest level of stresses.

9. Enhance self-awareness.
While meditating, we give sufficient time to ourselves. It leads to get constructive thoughts and enhance self-awareness.

10. Improves concentration.
Concentration is key benefit of meditation. therefore Improved stability in thoughts tend to increase concentration also.

11. Reduce memory loss.
In review of experiment conducted, older people found increased attention span and improved mental quickness.

12. Help fight mental addiction.
Meditation increases self-awareness and having good self-awareness keeps you away from any bad mental addiction.

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13. Improves sleep.
Lacking sleep (Insomnia) is common at age of 24 to 32. Becoming skilled in meditation may control thought causing insomnia.

14. Brings calmness.
Meditation for mindfulness helps to bring calmness into our lives.

15. Increases kindness.
Some kind of meditation increases positive feelings. It is known as Metta. It produce Kind thoughts and feelings.


Health benefits of Meditation.


1. Control stress and reduce depression.

2. Increase immunity.

3. Maintain blood pressure.

4. Improves heart functions.

5. Improves stamina.


So, undoubtedly we can say that meditation can help us to improve mental, emotional and physical health.

Most importantly, you can do it without any training. However in order to experience these benefits, you must practice meditation consistently.

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