7 Important Areas of Life to Balance

Areas of Life to Balance
Areas of Life to Balance

Living life is like walking on the tight rope hanging very high. There are always some areas of life to balance in order to move ahead successfully.

Moreover, you need to balance few areas very perfectly.

If you work hard and focus, you make significant progress in getting what you want. But on the run, you tend to lose grip on some another area of life.

This happens because, first we go madly after our dreams and once we start getting success, we get sucked into that race unintended in order to get more success. In that phase, it is obvious to lose focus on few factors which used to be part of our daily life.

Why balance in all areas of life actually needed?

Answer to above question is very simple. If you look your life through bird’s eye perspective, it looks beautiful when you balance work, family and social things very perfectly.

As long as you maintain balance, you enjoy each aspect of your life.

On the other hand, If you get huge success in particular filed (let’s say carrier) and couldn’t keep balance between family, then happiness of success won’t last for longer time.

To get back to the main point, first, we have to decide our important areas of life. Second, we have to keep good balance between them and make sure we don’t lose it.

Eventually, that balance will boost each area and returns you more happiness.

As I read review of book “The Power of Full Engagement” I realized importance of each aspects of our life. It has great power to enrich quality of lifestyle. So, I have identified few areas where you need to focus to get more peaceful and socially great life.

1. Family

Why I have put this as first point here? Because, most of the people take family members granted while moving ahead in their own life.

Family has always been there since childhood to support you and fulfill your wishes especially when you had noting.

They need proper attention. Because, they are the one who going to be most happy when you will achieve huge success.

Notably, most people work for family only. They try to provide them best of the lifestyle. In their attempt, the forget to spend sufficient time with them.

In such cases, fixed decided time from your busy schedule will result in better family engagement.

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2. Health

Someone said very correct “Health is Wealth”. Now a day, burning calorie became part of daily life. But, Proper food is proven to be more important to have healthy life than exercise.

When term “health” comes to mind, many people think of going to exercise and burn some calories. But if you haven’t taken proper nutrition and diet, will that exercise help for longer run?

In addition, you take meals anyhow irrespective of your workload. But still don’t get enough nutrition, that is because the quality of the meals.

You tend to prefer junk food than regular. Also, you try to finish meal as soon as possible. This is main cause for not being healthy.

Proper combination of quality food and daily exercise will help you to sustain race. And neglecting this area of life will cause problem when you cross your 40.

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3. Work

No matter at what stage your life is at, you have to work for living. It is most important part of our life.

As matter of fact, we mostly spend more time for work in whole life. Following math will help you to understand this point.

Usually, people spend 8 hours at work, 8 hours for the things like family, friends, party, house work, and all other stuffs. And rest of the 8 hours in sleep.

Looking at this, it is obvious to understand that first 8 hours which we spend are highly productive hours. Which are undivided and fully focused. So being 100% satisfied at these hours in very important.

This point is all about making most of that 8 hours you spend for work. Finding work that you love to do is very important. As a result, you will have peace of mind and less stress at work.

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4. Spiritual

It is fact that, many people never spend time for being spiritual and mindful. They do not even consider this as an important area of life.

But it is important because, you are product of your thoughts. Your thought influences your words and actions. If you do not think well then somehow it will mess your goal.

And there is tool to improve your thought process. It is meditation. A part of spiritual activity. This help you to become mindful and improves your emotional stability.

Following are top 5 benefits of meditation.

  • Decrease anxiety.
  • Increase creativity.
  • Increase peace of mind.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Bring calmness

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5. Personal

This area is very special. Because it’s all about you.

you might be pursuing wealthy life or working hard for your dream. But have you ever taken time to relax for a bit and enjoy your personal life?

According to many articles about successful people, person who provides quality “me time”, tends to do great progress in shorter period of time.

Taking some time to encourage your hobby, setting you on priority, reading, doing things you love to do will help to enjoy your personal life.

You must take care of yourself first. Following picture quote is most suitable for this point.

Love yourself
Love yourself

6. Social

Social image is important factor of our life. Most of the introvert don’t go social but it is quite healthy.

Specifically, when you are an entrepreneur, most of the work can get done by reference only. in such cases, having good social image helps us lot.

Additionally, letting yourself to know will help people you to deliver what exactly you need.

Of Course, you can make more friends and connections. And that can be your helping hand when needed.

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7. Financial

This is the area where most of the people are focused. And while earning great bucks, they are forgetting their core values and disciplines.

This point is not about putting limits to your earning but structuring the way of your income.

Earning do not only empower your wealthy life but also saving. So, having proper saving and investment plans turned out to be important factor in getting prosperous life.

Improper and unnecessary expenses will eventually result in loosing gained wealth.

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All the points considered, I hope you got an idea about important area of life to balance. This will help you to set priority and share your time in all the area per their need. Keeping consistency in balancing results into more positive outcomes and you will have more happy and prosperous life.

Take care.

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