How to do meditation for mindfulness

Meditation for mindfulness. In today’s busy and world, Spiritual awakening and self-realization both are important for peaceful living. Many People search for techniques to achieve calmness into their lives. Few chooses to chant mantras, do yoga or do various sacred things. There are several ways to improve our spirituality. But from ancient times, meditation found

4 strategies to become financially strong.

Everyone wants to grow financially strong, live happy and prosperous life. We do hard work for getting what we want. But not everyone makes successful attempt. Only few people who Stick to their strategy and work dedicated makes remarkable financial growth. Before writing this article, I was surfing on internet for a person who can

10 Key Differences Between Successful People And Unsuccessful People.

Being successful is not a simple thing. It requires lots of hard work, dedication and patience. It is observed that many successful people share same habits and mindset. This is same in the case of unsuccessful people. If you are a good observer, you will find clear difference between successful and unsuccessful people very easily.

How to manage stress and overthinking.

Stress is nothing but feeling of being under mental and emotional pressure. People feel more stressed when their workload gets increased, when they are trapped into an avoidable argument or when they face any financial issues. Such form of emotional and mental pressure can come from different aspects of your life and that pressure turns

8 Interesting facts about Ratan Tata.

Ratan Tata is one of astute businessman in the India. He was born on 28 December 1937 into a wealthy family. He is full name is Ratan Naval Tata. Ratan Tata and his younger brother raised by their grandmother as his parents separated in mid 1948. He began his schooling at the Champion School Mumbai,

Top 10 motivational quotes with pictures.

Motivational quotes have huge ability to change the way you feel about your life. No matter how strong you are, sometimes obstacles knocks you out and leave you tired and uninspired. But raising again and again after downfall is what successful people do. However, despite hundreds of failures, anyone can get back to the right

Top 4 exercise routine for busy people.

Exercise can be termed as any movement that make your muscle work and help your body to burn calories. It could be anything like running, swimming or dancing. Any exercise that helps you sweat, makes you more active and vibrant. I know, It is very easy to find suitable exercise routine for students and single

How genuine people really behave?

You daily interact with many people. And it is estimated that an average human being interact with about 20000 to 30000 people in a lifetime. Whether you are making new friends or building a business network, you always look for people who are genuine. Who are genuine people? Genuine means real and honest. It could

Should Indian really give importance to these things?

India is one of the great country. Most of its population is being under 35 years of age. Youngsters are contributing more towards development of this nation. But there are few area where we need to improve a lot. How mind-set of people makes impact? For every country, their core values makes them great. And

5 life lessons everyone learns in PUBG.

In today’s world, Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is no longer an unknown name among all the youngsters. This game has captured wide market in the gaming world. Every PC or mobile have PUBG installed in it. And people are loving it. What is PUBG? This game is developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of